Wasshoi in Europe at Stunfest, Rennes, France '14

Second year of Wasshoi in Europe, held at the annual Stunfest fighting game event. This year was also particularly special, as it was Stunfest's 10th anniversary, and the venue was held closer to the city centre for easier access. This year, the three Japanese players were Hattori (a doubleplay specialist, demoing Ikaruga), SPS (Ketsui god) and SOF-WTN (Donpachi and Dodonpachi WR holder among others), so the event was pretty special from the off. I spent the weekend with DEL, CHI and Plasmo like last year, and this year we were joined by spadgy, Smraedis, JWS, nuskool, ptoing and a whole host of European players.

This album is a collection of photos and videos taken from the three day event. I didn't take as many photos as last year, instead opting to take 6sec clips with Vine.
Photos and video taken with an iPhone 4 and an iPhone 5.

04.05.14 01:25