Wasshoi in Europe at Stunfest, Rennes, France '13

A collection of photos taken at Wasshoi in Europe, held at the annual Stunfest gaming tournament in Rennes, France. This year was particularly special, as three of the leading Japanese shooting game players - NAK, Clover-TAC and T3-KAMUI - were invited over to run some demonstrations, and to meet and hang out with the Western shooting game players. What occured is a mixture of incredible skill, hilarity, amazement, comedy, camaraderie and all-round fun. I spent the weekend with Plasmo, CHI and DEL, and met up with a number of international shooting game players including Prometheus, Erhune, Alfarabi, Cormano, endoKarb and many, many others.

Videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLflZE1h4nYnAjtezw2azvl7HQzaj3uM4q
04.05.13 02:03